Primary School

We open Taruwara Primary for academic year 2021-2022. This year will be our second year.

We are eco-friendly and sustainable school, where the earth will be managed with respect & care and natural, cultural resources are used in responsibility for future generations.

We apply children-center in all the class activity with Play/Project Based Learning as teaching approach. Play-based learning is an important way to develop active learning.

Children are naturally motivated to play-based program builds on this motivation, using it as a context for learning. In this framework, children can explore, experiment, discover, and solve the problem in imaginative playful ways


We are applying Jenaplan curriculum. Founded by Peter Petersen from 1923-1927 which purposed to reform the old-style education. Jenaplan education is learning to work on society that gives the room to stimulate for development an own identity for everyone. Children will be placed in the multi-age family group in their school learning activity and play the main role in the learning process. The whole child will learn to live in the relationship with differences in the school as community for learning and living where the school is not an isolated institution.

Assessment and Reporting

Across our school curriculum, we integrate a range of assessment forms to measure student’s acquisition of key skills. We use portfolios, peer assessment and per-term report card. In term 1 and term 3 we will deliver the report card by email. Parents can have a meeting with the teachers if it is necessary. In term 2 and 4 the parents will get a hard copy report card and there will be Teacher Parents Meeting.

Yearly Schedule


Calendar 2020, Jan-Jul