Primary School

We will open our primary school in 2020. Our primary grades are 1-6 and the starting age is 7 -12. In Rumah kecil School primary years, students go from learning to read to reading to learn. We believe that critical and creative thinking are valued equally with the ability to think with empathy; to cultivate positive thoughts, knowledge and actions. In our primary years, students start to apprehend the world and become active members of their community through our exciting global themes and social contribution projects. We build the foundation that will guide their teenage years. In primary years we also teach active learning and inquiry-based courses, and inspire our students to ask questions and seek discussion, curiosity and engagement while learning.


We use Indonesia Curriculum as our based school program learning and adapt Cambridge Curriculum for our basic STEM and literacy. We use thematic system throughout the school year learning program. Every month the students will learn the objectives by using different theme. We designed the themes carefully so the students will learn not only academic skill but also the understanding about the world around them.

Assessment and Reporting

Across our school curriculum, we integrate a range of assessment forms to measure student’s acquisition of key skills. We use portfolios, peer assessment and per-term report card. In term 1 and term 3 we will deliver the report card by email. Parents can have a meeting with the teachers if it is necessary. In term 2 and 4 the parents will get a hard copy report card and there will be Teacher Parents Meeting.

Yearly Schedule


Calendar 2020, Jan-Jul