After School

Our Kindergarten starts at 8 AM and finishes at 2 PM, but we do provide after school activities which do not include in the Kindergarten tuition fee.

Our Activities

Acitivity Art


The media where the children can express their creativity and imagination through artistic activities

Acitivity Balinese Dance

Balinese Dance

Dance is a part of cultural element that we want our children to know as they are living in Bali

Acitivity Swimming


Swimming is one of survivor life skills, therefore it is important for children to feel safe and familiar in the water since early age.

Acitivity Capoeira


Martial art from Brazil that combines music, dance and body exercise which is a great combination for developing healthy self-confidence

Acitivity Ballet


Beautiful and classic choreography that is good to practice focus and discipline since a young age

Acitivity Karate


Self-defense class to promote self-confidence as well as to shape a noble character.
Contact us for details.

Yearly Schedule

Bali has so many holidays in its calendar many schools in Bali will make their school calendar based on it. Rumah Kecil has a different holiday feature than other school or day care center in general  that is why we have different school holiday and less than other school or day care in general.


Our Holiday are only 125 days in a Year

general schedule

General daycare service has 162 days holiday in a Year