About Us


We help the children to grow as they play and learn

We help the children to positively relate to others

We serve healthy meals prepared in our own kitchen using healthy and fresh ingredients, also free of MSG

Our Carefully Made

Our Security and Safety Management

To secure our environment and to make sure your children safety we put several surveillance cameras. All of our staffs have passed First Aid Training and Disaster Management assisted by the official Bodies in Bali. Those activities held as our commitment to attain a good standard of security and disaster management. For your child safety, we also provide medical staff assistant.

Cloth Diaper and Toilet Training

Rumah kecil use cloth diaper for kids below 2 or those who aren't potty train yet. This makes it easy to let the babies out of diapers as they get the feeling of wee and doodoo.

Highly absorbing paper diapers are petrochemical product. Using them for long time will let the skin absorb chemical substance harmful to the body. We believe paper diapers must be avoided as much as possible.

We can help your children to do toilet training during their time at Rumah Kecil.


Rumah kecil is using joglo house to be the main building. A concrete structure or tiled floor takes away body heat causing the children to feel cold and tired. While wood, which adjusts to humidity and temperature as it breathes. is better for the body.

We used environmental friendly building material and designed Rumah kecil ti be a comfortable place with a lot of sunshine and air.


Food plays a large part in building senses, emotions and thinking. We see food as an important part of children's growth. Here in Rumah kecil, we only serve healthy and safe food for the children.

We cool without MSG, we also use organic vegetables, small amount of meat, only sometimes we use chicken.

Rumah kecil provide homemade healthy food based in Japanese home cooking.

Contact Book

We use “Contact Book” to communicate with the parents of the children who are not old enough to express themselves with words or dialogue.

Contact Book will help both of us and parents to understand how the children are at Rumah Kecil and home. It also enables us to communicate better and make the children feel safe with a sense of assurance.

We ask the parents to make most of Contact Book as it will also serve as a record and memory of your child’s physical condition and growth.

Together with the home of children, we wish to watch over and encourage their growth.

Eco-friendly day care

We avoid using chemicals for washing agents used in Rumah Kecil. We use organic soap, baking soda and soap nuts which are friendly to the environment and human body.

Trash is sorted and collected by Eco Bali, a company dedicated to achieving a cleaner environment by promoting waste separation and recycling.

We want to help make Bali a cleaner place by using, among other things, glasses made from used wine bottles. We want to start from what we can.